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Write down something that motivates you everyday

I have used this tactic in the past year or so and have found that it has helped me, personally, get through the tough days. When I know that I have a long day of work or writing I will usually pull out a sticky note with a couple of meaningful words on it and place it on my wall in front of my desk. It can be as simple as writing down the words "family" or "personal growth", maybe even a motivational quote to live by for that day. It is really all about practicing the simple things in order to make your day run smoother.

One thing that I have always done is write something on my left wrist underneath my watch. I don't like people asking about it so that is why I hide it, maybe thats part of the reason why I will never get a tattoo. Anyways I used to write the letters "HWPO" on my wrist (Hard Work Pays Off) when I was more intensely devoted to my working out, it helped me get through the hardest workouts just knowing that there was something worth it in the end.

I still write on my wrist simple little things to keep myself working hard and staying focused throughout the day. Just yesterday it was "family" when I was running because I was trying to teach myself that I need to do things for more than just myself. My actions and demeanor throughout the day have a direct influence on my siblings and it is important for me to be the best person I can each day.

Just this past winter I was practicing this almost everyday but with different motives. In retrospect I was being very materialistic when I would write down things like "I want a Land Rover Series 3" or I eventually want my own house in Dennis, MA". If you put material possessions in front of what is really important, chances are you are not going to turn out as happy as you wished. I honestly am proud of myself for coming to the realization that life is not all about material possessions at such a young age because it will only strengthen my soul.

So I would suggest, whoever is reading this, to carry a pen with you, like myself, or maybe before you do the difficult tasks of the day sit down and think about what is important to you and write that down. Just remember folks, be selfless and be the person you look up to.

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