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"Why are you so dressed up?"

Throughout the course of any given week I will get this question at least 3 to 4 times. And listen, I am not wearing Prada or Dior, I rotate between Polo, American Eagle, and LL Bean. I am not super fancy or flashy mostly because I don't have the money and I believe in the fact that you do not need designer brands in order to build a fly outfit. But back to my point, it still annoys me how people are in awe when they see what I am wearing.

I put effort into every outfit I show to the public because why the fuck not? I love fashion and having a fashion sense that is different from my peers is what gives me my sense of individuality. For instance, I am wearing a white Polo turtle neck with Polo khakis and 1980's The Scoop converse. I will probably get a couple double takes today and maybe a few questions about why I am wearing what I am wearing. The truth is that I would probably be the worst dressed in a city like Paris or London. We just have such a low expectation of how 19 year old college students should dress. So when I see a guy or girl with an outfit I can tell they put effort into I will compliment them.

"But it's college..." If I can't wear pajamas in public, how will everyone else know that I was up super late partying last night? The Zoomer dilemma, predicated upon low expectations and a thirst to fit in. Listen, not a single person cares that you went to bed at 4am and got stoned last night. Go take a shower, comb your hair, and learn to be professional. As much as you want to use "it's college" as an excuse to act immature, you are still an adult, show some professionalism.

I am such a pretentious asshole, I really am miserable. I roll my eyes on my way to class every time I see someone wearing pajamas, that's how passionate I am about dressing nice. But that shouldn't even bother me, everyone should feel comfortable in the look they are putting out to the world. Some of us have to overcompensate with clothing in order to feel like we are enough. Some of us can walk down the street looking like they just got out of a 4 day bender. And I accept that, everyone is different.

But do not ask my why I am so dressed up. It makes me happy to feel good in the clothes that I am wearing. When you ask me that I will most likely give you a smart ass response like "I have a job interview" or "I have a date." Just go about your day and I will go about mine trying to refrain from judgement.

But, if I could give the person reading this some advice I would say that if you have not found your style yet, find it. Having a style gives you your individuality. For instance mine is khaki shorts and floral tops in the summer, and flannels, button downs, jeans, and jean jackets in the fall and winter months. I love wearing clothes like that because it makes me happy and people know me for it. So try out some new clothes, find what best fits you, and roll with that.

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