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What drives me crazy

A rant by: Brady Johnson
Published: November 8th, 2021	

My goodness. This happens about every single week and it is so easily preventable but I still can not figure out a way to fix it. It drives me absolutely bonkers.

This is my dilemma... No matter what the hell I am wearing I always find a way to get pen on my pants and today is the last straw with this bogus.

I went out shopping this weekend at an upscale mens clothing shop in North Hampton. Bought this beautiful new light blue shirt with navy blue flowers on it, as well as a new watch. I was, and still am, so excited to wear this shirt because I look fly as hell in it. I picked it out last night to wear it today and was so ready to kill the game. One thing I did not buy was a pair of pants.

I am a writer, I always carry my favorite pen around in my pocket because a writer always has a pen with them. See where this is going yet?

So I got dressed with this outfit today after I ironed it and it felt absolutely great. Then I go off to the dining hall to get some food before my class. I managed to not stain my outfit with food but still walked out of the dining hall with a pen stain on my left knee. It is not like the pen even leaked, it was like someone drew on my leg. So even thought I am wearing a 25 dollar pair on khakis made by target brand Goodfellow, it drove my nuts. My OCD ridden mind started going a million different places at once. But it wasn't terribly noticeable so I started my walk to class.

I walked to class with Mazzy Starr playing in my ears and the world was seemingly fine for the moment. I walked through the doors to my class and looked at my tight ass pants again. An even larger pen mark magically appeared on my right thigh like someone tried to deface my outfit. This drives me up a fucking wall. I can not stand this. It is as if my outfit is completely ruined,

This happens all the fucking time and I always tell myself to not carry a pen around but it's like asking my to not put a toothpick in my mouth. Luckily it gets dark around 5pm today so I will not have to suffer through subtle criticism from the casual viewers I pass by on my walk back to my dorm.

But what the fuck kind of problem am I dealing with? A small world Brady problem. And Brady problems are easily resolvable. Brady problems are blown way out of proportion as always.

So if I could take any lesson out of today it would be to not focus on the minor inconveniences and to focus on the more pressing issues that are at hand. Roll with the punches, maintain your peace of mind, and take a deep breath.

Peace and love as always,


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