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"What a story it would be"

These are the simple words that you need to tell yourself if you are struggling or if feel like there is no way out of the hole that you dug yourself. One of my biggest struggles currently is getting up when my alarm goes off, as soon as that light flashes at 6am, I tell myself that if I get up and do what I need to, my story, my writing, will be much richer. Whether you believe it or not, everything you do in a day can enhance the story of your life.

Say I live my life like every other schmo in my position, say I get up 30 mins before my first class, I throw on sweatpants, go through the motions everyday and fall asleep late because I am on my phone "snapping" some random girl. If I wrote a book on that lame ass life, no one would read it. Now, if I wrote about how I got up at 6am everyday, wrote 5 pages a day, dressed up for classes, ended the day with a glass of wine, and meditated before bed at 10pm, more people would read that story because it diverts from what they know to be normal life.

Being different from the people around you and not following the pack is not recommended, it is necessary. If you follow the rest of the pack, you will not stand out from your peers. Everyday is a chance to write a page in your book.

Quote of the Day- "Set a goal that makes you want to jump out of bed every morning."

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