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Valentine's Day Outfit


Alright so this is the first post under the Fashion section on the blog. I believe that style and a good fashion sense are what give people their sense of individuality. You can have no money to play with and still pull off a unique and appealing outfit. I am starting to get more into thrifting and buying cheaper clothes because it is more about how you wear the clothes as opposed to how much you pay for them.

It doesn't take much time to put in effort into your outfits, I take 10 minutes max to pick out an outfit. And I get it, I might not have your fashion sense, I might not wear designer brands or thrifted clothes all the time. But I can put together a strong outfit for each day of the week that is unique and will get some head turns.

So let's start this journey, take notes, judge if you want, and learn a couple of things about how to put together an outfit.


I always like to match my shirt with my shoes if possible because I think that is a clean look. Matching pants and shoes is a no go, looks weird and does not flow as an outfit.

Always match your belt with shoes if possible because it's classy. I am wearing a comfortable white turtleneck with a red v neck sweater right over it because it was absolutely freezing outside yesterday. A light colored pair Khakis and white Converse shoes. This is a timer cam pic also, I do not have a professional photographer to follow me around, so you will have to settle for this.


I truly believe that everyone should wear a watch. I always hear the argument of "I have a phone to check the time." It's a true statement but a phone is not a fashion statement. Also, statistically speaking, I would bet that it takes less time to check the time on your wrist as opposed to picking up your phone.

So on Valentine's day I went to my ol' reliable, a vintage 1990's Swiss Army Watch. The watch face is scratched a little bit and I have had to replace the band to a long

lasting leather band. This was my Dad's watch 20 something years ago so it means a lot to me. I wear this watch casually to work or if I am just trying to be comfortable with what I am wearing. On my right wrist I am wearing an Inspire Others 1/4 inch bracelet, I never take it off. I am also wearing a tiger eye bracelet which I bought off a lady on the streets of Bosnia. I went to Bosnia for a day trip when I was over in Europe. Reminds me of the summer and my family as well. I like to subtly match my watch with a bracelet on my right hand but it is by no means necessary.

Tops / Jewelry

The inner layer is a Perry Ellis white Tech Knit turtleneck. It is super comfortable, made out of mostly cotton and polyester. Fits well and can easily be worn with nothing over it.

But since it was Valentine's day I had to add some red to the outfit. A red Club room v neck sweater which loosely fits on me and is super comfortable.

I hate exploiting my Christianity for fashionable appeal but I had to make an exception for this day. My gold chain with a cross, Saint Christopher pennant, and a piece of Coral Reef from a jewelry store in Croatia. The top of the outfit all really came together yesterday and it felt good.


Hold the slander, I know some of these pictures are not the most professional thing ever as it is just me and my phone in my dorm room but I did the best I could.

I wore a pair of athletic fit Brooke's Brother's Khakis with a black Banana Republic belt. I maybe could have done jeans but considering this is a lighter colored outfit with my shoes and shirt, I figured a nice pair of khakis's would hold it all together very well.

I can't even lie, the Khaki's I was wearing were super tight, as are most pairs of pants that I wear because I have them thick thighs. So I would much rather wear a looser pair of pants but gotta choose style over comfort some time.


198o's Converse Pro Leather, "The Scoop". I bought these shoes around 2 years and only wear them for special occasions. It took me nearly 2 months to get these after I ordered them. I think they are so clean and good looking. Here is the description on the Nike Website. "Before joining the NBA, Dr. J’s mastery of the physical world was virtually unknown, except to those from the courts of Harlem. That all changed with one smooth move in Game 4 of the 1980 Finals. Driving to the baseline halfway through the 4th quarter, he raised the ball high with one hand, teasing the Lakers defense before bringing it back under the hoop and scooping it off the glass. While Dr. J and the Sixers didn’t go on to win the series, his move in the All- Star’s brought the fabled flair and flash of Harlem basketball to the NBA."

Why I do this?

Because I can not count how many times people come up to me and ask me why I am dressed up so nice or where I got that shirt from. This is just another way of also marketing myself and showing people what goes into a good outfit. So never think twice when you are debating wearing something. Just go for it, try it out, and see it feels. It does not matter what other people think, do what makes you happy and wear what makes you feel good.

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