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Since I have posted last

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Since I have last posted over a month ago, I have fallen backwards a bit into the old habits that have troubled me in my past. I would be lying if I told myself that I have been thriving in life, I haven't. I am first going to talk a little bit about the things that have gone right in life since I have last posted because it's important to prioritize the positive things in life.

The good

My new job as server at Cleat & Anchor in Dennisport has given me nothing but hope and joy. When I go to work I am constantly surrounded by loving and caring people and that floods my life with a lot of happiness. From the kitchen, to the front of house, to the bar, it is just constant good vibes all around.

I also made a big change in my life about two weeks ago to move down to the cape for the rest of the semester and live by myself. I have certainly learned a lot about myself in this time and I have also been able to grow and learn from my past mistakes.

On top of working as a server at Cleat & Anchor I am also bartending at the Pelham House for a couple nights a week. The Pelham House is a place that gave me the best opportunity of my life last summer and I am also grateful for that. At PH I really came into my own and grew so much, mostly thanks to the incredibly supportive staff.

I have been playing basketball a couple times a week. Getting up shots by myself. Right now it is the best therapy for me. To be alone on a court with just a ball knocking down shots is a sensation that not many can appreciate but it helps me a lot.

The fixable

Like I said earlier I have fallen back into some bad old habits that I will not go into detail on but I just want to say it so I can start to take some responsibility.

How do you escape the bad? What I need to do is start doing more of what makes me happy, there are four things in particular.

1. Cooking

Cooking healthy and delicious food is something that I really enjoy. It is good for me physical health as well as my mental.

2. Playing basketball

Basketball is something that is really important to me. Not many know this about me but the sport in particular is something that means a lot to me. I coached my brother in youth ball for around 3 years through high school and while the competition was not high it was still very fun and something that taught me a lot. I gain so much confidence every time I play ball. Just getting up shots is such a great feeling.

3. Working

It is what I am good at. People pleasing and making money. I love the industry I work in and I can't wait until we really start rolling this summer.

4. Inspire Others

Right now it is probably the most important passion I have. The opportunity is there, I just have to seize it.

Going forward

I hereby vow to myself that I will take advantage of every day and not let anything get in the way of me being productive. I will do what is best for me.

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