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Seeking out the uncomfortable

I always like to tell myself that you have to seek out the uncomfortable task in life in order to grow as an individual. This theory of mine was tested this past march when I at home for my spring semester of my freshman year. After 3 months of taking classes at home I was becoming a little too comfortable, I wasn't slacking but I was feeling as if I was not learning and growing as I should.

Mid April was coming up. Fast. And I had a decision to make, I could have stayed at home for the summer and worked at my local hardware store and my landscaping company, or I could seek out something new. That something new happened to be a barback job on the cape at the newest resort right near my house. As obvious as this answer should be, I thought about it for days, even weeks. This was because I knew absolutely no one at this job on the cape, I would be living alone and going to a job in a location where I had zero friends.

I decided to go to the cape in mid April and started my job at Pelham House Resort as a barback. The first day was very tough for me because of how nervous I was and the environment was a bit overwhelming. I got the first day out of the way and next I began to work my ass off, almost everyday I would come in early and stay late. I then started to get to know all of the bartenders and made some good relationships with everyone who works at PH and I was rollin. I was a bar back all through the month of may, I threw a couple of parties with my co workers and everything was going great.

Then on June 1st I got the news from Taylor, probably my favorite bartender who I worked with, that I was moving to bartender. I have her to thank for how quickly I moved up because she always supported and advocated for me. It was always my goal when I started to move up to bartender but I thought it would not be until atleast next summer. The first couple of weeks as bartender were nerve racking and I think my rather shy persona was on display, but now I am feeling great about what I do, bartending 4 nights a week and bar back 2 nights a week.

I currently have a job I love and I work with, and for, wonderful people who make me want to go to work everyday. I am a 19 year old kid who gets to work behind a bar at one of the top resorts in Cape Cod, I count my blessings everyday.

Just know that none of this would have happened if I did not seek out the uncomfortable in my own life.

So whoever is reading this, just remember, take the road less traveled and always seek out the uncomfortable tasks in your own life.

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