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Reach high

Shoot for the moon, land amongst the stars. A quote I have heard once before and a quote that I have played in my mind thousands of times.

Honestly what are we doing on this world if we do not shoot for the fucking moon. Unorthodox people who want to change the way people go about life are always remembered. There is nothing wrong with people who need to work normal jobs, most of the time they do not have a choice and they need to provide for their family, that is powerful. Putting your own aspirations aside in order to help kickstart someone else's life is something magical. But for those of you like me, who are single, 19, doesn't have a ton of responsibility, and has the necessary traits, why not try to reach as high as you can. I measure success not off of the amount of money you have or the amount of cars you have, put rather how many different lives you touch while you are on this earth. Do something that will make a difference.

Now let's talk about my goals (because I love talking about myself) and where you should reach if I were you. I am such a fucking arrogant asshole. Really. I see myself and think of the things I do and I thank myself for being that way because it will work out for me. I bring 30 dollar bottles of wine to parties and sip slowly as I judge ever person drinking a fruity seltzer or gross cheap ass beer. I wear expensive jewelry and dress my best every day, I strut through campus subtly judging what other people are wearing and questioning why they choose to present themselves that way. I listen to deep 70s rock and cringe at my peers when I hear that playing trashy mumble rap. I keep everything in my life organized from my clothes to my desk to my car and I call out people when they are messy. I go to bed early and wake up early, then I question how people can function when they sleep until noon. That's who I am, that is the nature of my being, I am not trying to emulate anyone else, just following my own path. So with all of these pompous traits I have, what will it get me besides a punch in the mouth? It will get me to a different life than the rest of the people around me, for the better, or for the worst. I don't know where I am going but my goal with this whole thing is to show people that you should live by no code at all and you should indulge in the things that interest you and not the people around you.

"Don't just aim high, reach it and grab some happiness along the way."

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