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Life outside of IOO

The last time I posted on this blog was about 2 weeks ago. A lot has happened in that short time period. I began working on my organization more, Inspire Others, and that has opened new doors for me that I thought I would never be able to pass through.

I spilled a lot about my personal life in an effort help others. It felt absolutely great to get that off my chest because I have been bottling it up for a while. In all of my years of writing papers and articles I have never put as much time and effort into a piece of writing as I did this last article. This past week or so it has even been hard to sleep because I just lie awake in bed at night thinking about my paper and how it could be better.

Once I start working on something that I care about it becomes an obsession. I need to do it.

Alright, enough reflection on my personal this article, as much as I am proud of what I have done, I am already getting sick of talking about it. I just need a moment to talk about my personal life without having to talking about IOO (Inspire Others Organization).

I started a new show a couple of weeks ago titled, OZ. It was one of the first tv shows to stream on HBO, and it gave a start to so many actors that would later go on to play major roles on shows like The Wire, Dexter, and The Walking Dead. I like to describe it as a "reality show" within a maximum security prison. Gang wars are at the center of the plot, the gangs being the different ethnicities of the inmates and the CO's. it is very gory and could be hard for some people to watch but if you have the chance, give it a shot because the hidden messages are very important.

Also, started and finished Dexter New Blood, which I would say was a success. It was really cool recognizing some of the locations where they filmed in Massachusetts. The ending was subpar but honestly I think they did what they could and there were not a whole lot of alternatives. The beginning and ending scenes of the series gave light to two of my new favorite songs, "The Passenger" by Iggy Pop and "I Should Live in Salt" by The National.

Health wise I feel as if I am doing a lot better. I have been working out on occasion and I have been eating smarter. What I mean when I say eating smarter is that I have been eating slower and putting less on my plate. When you shove all the food in your mouth at once, your body never really knows when to stop. I am hoping to get to sub 200 by Valentine's Day.

As far as my social life goes, I am happy with where I am at. I have a core group of really good friends and a lot of people who are supportive and encouraging. My family has been the most encouraging through this time and I am eternally grateful.

So I just had to get some of this out on my computer so I could focus on all facets of life instead of just IOO.

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