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If I make a cake and it fails, it becomes pudding

I read this quote today and I interpreted it the same way that I interpreted “Shoot for the moon, land in the stars.” The cake is all of your big dreams and aspirations, some of which don’t always work out. When they don’t work out, instead of throwing your dreams away, learn from your lessons and take what life gives you. A failure is just as important as success, the lessons you learn from failing to make that cake will only make the next one even better. By keeping that positive attitude and always trying to keep a positive mindset you will no doubt turn out a stronger person. You can never give up on your creation, you need to keep hope and learn from your mistakes.

I like to think, as of right now, I am gathering the ingredients to assemble my cake. Metaphorically speaking, the cake represents a published book for me. This blog, my free writing, and all of my journals serve as ingredients for my cake. I do not know the recipe yet and I may never perfect the recipe but sometimes you just have to throw all of the ingredients together and see how it turns out.

My cake is going to be different from everybody else's cake and it is supposed to be, never follow someone else's recipe.

Felt very philosophical this morning so sorry if that is a bit confusing for some of you but I guess the moral of the story is that even if your cake (your dreams) don't turn out like what you imagined, you still gain very valuable lessons, there is no such thing as failure, just lessons.

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