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I am in control of my own life

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

My life is my own. I control when I want to stop or start doing something. I control whether or not I want to go to bed at 9pm or 1am.

But what I am always doing is planning out when I am going to change my life. I have excuses to always start tomorrow morning. The only way I believe that I can have a perfect day is if I wake up at 5am, meditate, read, write, and do schoolwork. If I wake up at 8am, forget about it.

The happiest and most productive days of my life occurred from October 2020 until March 2021. October 2020 I had my knee surgery which I have talked about probably 100 times on this blog. It left me immobile. Ever step I took, I would feel a pain shoot up from my ankle to my hip. It was a challenge. For some reason I thrive in challenging situations. I decided to delete social media to read and write more. I also made a vow to myself that I would not eat high carb foods. For some reason when times are hard I tend to thrive. Around Christmas I began to become more mobile I also started really thriving. I had no social media, I had a gym to workout in downstairs and I had real goals. The day after Christmas I started going to bed at 9pm and waking up at 4am. For multiple weeks in a row.

These 4am nights were by far the most productive times of my life. I was writing material for my book from 4am-5am. I was meditating and working out after that before it even hit 8am. My day after that was then filled with learning the Italian language, working on my self, doing schoolwork, and reading. This was the perfect life. I am built for solitude, I was not seeing anyone but I did not care, this was the perfect life for me.

There is not a day that goes by, while here at school, where I do not look up to that version of Brady Johnson. The best version. However, this was me in a unique circumstance, those circumstances will likely never happen again, so I can not live like that person anymore. As much as I tell myself that I "will start tomorrow when I wake up at 5am", that's just an excuse. You can not plan out a time and place to change your life, you just have to make the conscious decision to change your life right now. Your "why" when you wake up in the mornings has to be strong and you have to have a plan.

With my life here at Umass, I might not get to bed until midnight and wake up at 8am, I can accept that, I just have to take more advantage of the time I spend awake. I am in such a unique part of my life right now. I have a plan and an opportunity unlike anyone else. This blog, Inspire Others Organization, my schoolwork, my physical shape, I am not putting as much effort as possible into each. It's all going well but I can assure you that it could be 4x better if really turned it up a notch. If I started obsessing over what I am actually doing instead of what I could be doing.

So as of today, February 26th, 10:10am, I will no longer bite my nails, I will no longer criticize myself for not doing enough, I will no longer eat foods that weigh me down, both physically and mentally. I will no longer procrastinate hard tasks, I will no longer be scared of what I have to do. Because I am in control of my own world.

Today is the best day of my life... until tomorrow. Having this positive outlook towards life will help you appreciate the finer things, it will help you look at the sunset and and smile. Never forget that every moment here on earth is beautiful.

Also, Happy Birthday Uncle Mike!

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