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Honesty and Curiosity

To grow as humans we have to tell ourselves the uncomfortable truths that we wish that not even our worst enemies would tell us. Honesty and curiosity are two words that have different meanings but complimentary each other very nicely. To be truly honest about yourself I believe that it is important to carry a certain amount of curiosity. So instead of saying to yourself "I have to go to the gym for the next two weeks because I am not happy with how I look", instead you could take a curious approach and say to yourself "what if I worked out? How much better would I feel about myself."

It is imperative to be honest with yourself but you also want to make sure that you are not too hard on yourself at the same time like I can be to myself. When you are hard on yourself nothing seems to give you a sense of accomplishment. For example, I could go on a 3 mile run like I did this morning and I still am only thinking about the flaws in my life such as how I can't seem to focus on my writing. Maybe sometimes I need to just have a glass of wine and smile for myself because I do work hard and have accomplished a good amount so far, but it is hard.

A curious mind has no bounds, there are no limits to creative exploration. You can never get become bored with being curious, searching for introspection. But be real with who you are, tell yourself that you are overweight, that you do need to study a bit harder, and you will grow and blossom into the individual you aspire to be. So wake up tomorrow, not with a vengeance but rather with a curious mind and see what happens.

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