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Don't be materialistic

On my list of ten goals by the age of 40, this is one of them that sticks out. My interpretation of someone who is materialistic is someone who wants to enhance their self image. Whether that be through fancy clothes, nice cars, or the newest accessories. The hard truth, that of which I am just know figuring out, is that your depth character is more important than your appearance. If you can hold a deep conversation with someone for 45 minutes, that is much more attractive than wearing the newest designer brand.

I get it, it is damn hard to not want a cool ass car or a fly pair of sneakers. I want both of those, but I do not need them. Because a material object is not going to change your personality, it will not make you more happy, you are still the same person at the end of the day. Material possession heal superficial wounds but they do not fix deeper flaws. If you felt bad about yourself and decide to go out and buy a BMW, yeah it would feel good at first but after a couple of days those same feelings are going to linger, you will just have 40,000 less in your pocket.

This isn't really even a piece of advice, it is a prescription for enhanced well being. Am I a hypocrite because I just bought a new watch? Maybe, thats not for me to decide. One thing I will say is that I am not perfect, I'll be the first to admit that but every day I try to better myself and work towards becoming a better person, you can't feel bad for doing that.

I am not saying to eliminate material possessions from your life and become some monk who lives alone in an empty cabin. I am saying to be frugal with your money (like my pops always says) and ask yourself "Am I buying this to impress others or am I buying this because I genuinely like this product?" Be more self aware and always remember that money can't buy happiness.

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