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Congratulate yourself

Learning how to pat yourself on the back can be a hard task for many, including myself. No matter how hard we work it will always seem like we can do better.

I was walking through the streets of Dennisport last night by myself just listening to music and I started thinking about where I was in life. I am 19, I have a great job, a have a good set of friends, and I do not have any demanding responsibilities, but I still couldn't smile for myself. It really doesn't matter how old you are or how much money you have, you have to learn to be satisfied with who you are, while still being hungry for improvement.

Like I said before, I have trouble with that satisfaction part of life, one thing I do to achieve this happiness is to smile at the little things. Maybe you made a good sale at work, you lost 5 pounds, or maybe in my case- you wrote 3 pages, smile for yourself when you accomplish the little things, it's a good morale booster. Even if you just take 5 minutes a day with no distractions, to sit back and think everything you did, that should be enough to help maintain peace of mind.

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