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Coming together / Update on Life

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

I don't know if I will ever have a full grasp on where I am at in life. I certainly don't right now. I am confident about myself and where I want to be though.

Life's difficult. It's a bitch, it's a grind, and it is a struggle for some. All of us have our own separate problems in life and no one should feel like they someone has it worse or better than them?

This is going to be my therapy for the week because I had to cancel my therapy appointment today due to an overwhelming about of schoolwork and Inspire Others work. I love it though, working on Inspire Others more so.

Last Friday I went to The Commonwealth (a new rooftop restaurant on campus) with a friend of mine named Mina. We ordered some fantastic food and just sat at the bar and talked. We were able to connect well so we went to get Ice Cream earlier this week at a farm as well. She's great and I love spending time with her.

It is the small moments like that that I cherish the most, where I can just forget everything else that's going on in life and just focus on one person and one activity. It is what makes me the most happy in life. All this stuff that I am working towards and doing right now is great but it's not everything. Everything that makes me happy involves small moments spending time with people that I really care about.

Physically, I am doing much better. Working out 3-4 times a week and eating a lot healthier has helped me lose 5 pounds in the last week and a half. I feel much better.

Self doubt is something that still runs circles throughout my mind. I am always well prepared for whatever I do but I always have this though in the back of my mind that it is not good enough.

There are some days where I just want to find someone I love, get a dog, and move to a the middle of no where. In the middle of no where I would spend my days writing my book, admiring nature, and learning how to live a simple life. I swear it is sometimes too appealing. When you build up these expectations for yourself it is easy to want to escape sometimes to release yourself from the so called "restrictions on your life".

As you can tell my mind is racing, it is hard for me to sleep sometimes, but I just need to keep believing in myself and have the faith that I will be ok in the end.

Here is a picture of a cute pig I found at a toy store. Once I buy a farm, a pig is definitely going to be the first animal I buy.

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