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Being professional increases productivity

Sometimes it is beneficial to dress up and get ready on days where you have nothing to do. This may seem like silly concept but I have found that it has helped me in my studies. This is basically how I came to this realization.

I was at home from December 2020 - March 2021, alone in my basement for most of the time, with no friends to hang out with and nothing to really look forward to. I have always been extremely organized, actually self diagnosed OCD most times. One of the positives of always being so organized is that I always have my clothes picked out for the next day. My clothes are always folded and ready for when I wake up. One day on a cold January day I decided to dress up nice for the next day because I had a virtual project to present. I laid out my loafers, khakis, button down, and my nice watch. I woke up that next morning and got dressed after my workout. Come to find out that it was an extremely productive day for me. I wrote a couple pages, I read a lot, and I did the most research I have in a long time. Just by pretending like I was in an important location gave me the illusion that I was doing important work. I continued to dress up each day, it could even be as simple as making myself look presentable that would increase my productivity throughout the day.

To some people this might honestly seem like a ridiculous concept but to some I also say give it a try.

Look people, I might act like I know what I am doing but I really fucking don't. I don't blow smoke up my ass, I know basically nothing. I don't even know if this is how you should properly "blog". But who cares, I have enough confidence in myself to believe that I am doing things correctly and sometimes that is all that counts, act like you know what you are doing.

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