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Being open with yourself

Two days ago, 10/7 I had a really good night. A personal and private night so I will spare the details, but this night helped me, tremendously.

I have a relatively concealed personality when it comes to sharing my personal life, I think anyone who meets me makes this correct assumption. That is through verbal interactions, obviously I could write about myself all day. However, when it comes to emotions or feelings that I experience throughout the day, I believe it is not just essential but imperative to share how you feel with others. If you keep pushing down all of your emotions, especially negative ones. You will end up hurting your mental state, no one can figure themselves out alone.

As much as I preach to wear your emotions on your sleeve, I hardly do. I have one or two friends that I can talk to about how I am really feeling but that is about it. Then two days ago happened. There were 5 of us in the room and this one person brought a game called We're not really strangers or something like that. The game asked very deep and intimate questions. We all answered extremely truthfully and it was refreshing. I never get to tell my friends how much they really mean to me and I don't think I should have to wait to play a game to tell them. One of the questions said to tell everyone how you see yourself from an outside perspective, then everyone else had to tell you about how they really felt about you. It got deep. And I don't have a very high opinion about myself most of the time, it is something I work on everyday but it still haunts me. By telling everyone how I really felt inside was therapeutic for me.

It's hard to not get emotional when other people tell you their honest opinions on you. One thing I kept hearing in the past couple of weeks is how much of an influence I have on people and that for me is everything. I strive to influence people's lives, that is one of my bigger goals in life. Being honest about your inner emotions is important because it shows courage and it helps other people be more open about themselves.

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