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Be bored

"Around October 6th 2020 I deleted social media and I was honestly too bored with myself. I thought about going to workout or watching youtube videos but then I came to the realization that if I wanted to really take time to focus on myself I would learn to be bored. I literally just sat in a chair near a window in my dorm room and was alone with my thoughts for 2 hours. I like to think that this is the moment where I “changed” the way I go about my life. The truth is, by taking these moments throughout the day to free your mind you will learn to cherish your high dopamine releasing moments. Essentially what this means is that activities you have grown so accustomed to such as getting a snapchat from someone you like will release high levels of dopamine. I don’t always like to use this comparison because it’s a bit extreme but drug addiction starts because people are releasing such high levels of dopamine that their brain keeps craving more. Again, this is extreme and I am not saying that your phone is a drug but I think it is important to your mental health to sometimes think of it as one so you become more conservative with the time you spend throughout the day on it."

I wrote that over 7 months ago last December, when I was actually thriving in life, physically and mentally. I still hold this way of life to be very beneficial because being bored allows you to sit back and align your thoughts much like meditation. My mind now a days is much more occupied than it was back then with work and friends, I thought that would be a good thing and it is but sometimes when you are going too fast you lose track of your mind. So lesson of the day is that every once in a while sit back and let your mind run free.

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