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Updated: Oct 17, 2021

RAOK stands for Random Act of Kindness. This can include holding the door for someone, telling someone they look nice, or simply going out of your way in for someone else's benefit. I don't could how many RAoK's I complete throughout the day but I try to complete as many as possible. Sometimes it can be as easy as smiling or saying hello to someone.

I guarantee that if you pay attention in life and get your snout out of your phone, you will see a RAoK. It can be as simple as giving water to the UPS guy or paying the extra 5 dollars that the lady owes at the convenience store. Only by seeing something like this, it will make you more apt to display kindness in your own life.

I'm a kind guy, probably the kindest you'll find honestly, but that is not all in my genes. I am surrounded by kind people and this reflects onto my own person life. So I challenge you, whomever is reading this, to make an effort to be a little more kind in your own personal lives.

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