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Music of Today

I'm an old head when it comes to music, plain and simple. I would much rather put in a De La Soul or Rolling Stones CD on a roadtrip as opposed to a modern album. I'm not just saying that because I think I am better than everyone else, I legitimately enjoy older music as opposed to newer music because well... it's just simply better. With that being said, I still dabble with new school music because there are some good things to come out of today.

Favorite albums of today (2005-now)

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Real Love Baby - Father John Misty
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         "Real love baby" has been a consistent go to song for me since I discovered it a year ago when I was exploring the indie genre. I'll be frank, I know nothing about FJM or his music, I know this song and maybe one other but there is something so captivating about this song in particular.

        Released in 2016, and discovered in 2020 by myself, Father John Misty wrote this song while thinking about another artist, who he said was Lady Gaga. "I wrote 'Real Love Baby' with Lady Gaga in mind and ended up writing one of my most vulnerable songs. Writing for yourself is the best way to trick yourself in some unexpected way that isn't attached to your vanity." (songfacts). Interpret that how you want, I think that quote alone is a pretty cool look into his thought process.

        Now what do I think I think of when I hear this song?I think of isolation, I think of sitting in my dorm room alone last September and listening to this song for the first time. Having that comforting feeling wash over my body when listening to it. This song in particular represents hope for me, hope for a better today and a better tomorrow. 

Electric Feel - MGMT

         Electric feel is one of those timeless classic songs that you have heard somewhere, somehow, even if you do not have it downloaded on your phone, Honestly this is one of the few songs that I could listen to and never get sick of. 

          This song is supposed about a girl who has an electrifying presence but if you dig deeper this song, like most MGMT songs is about some sort of intoxicating substance, whether that be weed, shrooms, acid, or whatever. I always thing of my younger self when listening to this song like most people my age probably do.

         I still don't know how to copy links and make them accessible through this blog so if you wanna watch the video of MGMT recording Electric Feel just copy and paste it into your browser. This is honestly one of my favorite videos, they were just messing around in the studio and stumbled across this sound. I am pretty sure that they were just trying to make a cliche pop song, crazy.

Coming Home - Leon Bridges

        One of the best voices on our generation, Leon Bridges, soulful and modern, his talents are on display on his #1 hit - Coming home. "Leon Bridges wrote the song with Austin Jenkins, who is a former guitarist of the Texan rock band White Denim. "I was playing at the Magnolia Motor Lounge every Tuesday night for almost two years," Bridges recalled to Billboard magazine. "I was bussing tables at this little Tex-Mex restaurant. I'd get off work - sometimes in my uniform - and go play there. And one Tuesday night, Austin Jenkins happens to walk in." (Songfacts). Coming from humble beginnings, Leon appreciates the fine arts of soul music and his simple yet complex voice electrifies every record.

A$AP Forever - A$Ap Rocky 


        In 2018 A$AP Rocky dropped his single "Asap Forever which brings the listener through a psychedelic trip that can both uplift your mood and put you into a daze. When Rocky heard the song for this song he said, "When I heard it, I thought about victory. I thought about glory or empire, something like that. I just thought about something triumphant like, it was just like it sounded like a big, huge, just sound." The music video for this song takes you on a trip to another dimension with ridiculous production and cool edits. Some critics were not a huge fan of this song, but I always tend to gravitate to it when I need an easy listen to just take my mind off things.

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