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Never wear Pajamas in public

Rant: If you are over the age of 18 years old and wearing pajamas in public you need to grow up.

Never wear Pajamas in public

By Brady Johnson
Date: 09/15/21
*Explicit language*

Alright, get ready for my pessimistic rant about Pajamas. I promise I am not a miserable asshole like I might market myself to be, merely a pretentious ass who judges and people watches during most of my voyages around campus. And let me tell you that when I see some joe schmo wearing plaid pajamas and a t shirt with frizzled hair walking around campus, it gets to me. But it's none of my business right? Well yeah, it isn't any of my business but I feel like I still have an obligation to shed some light on the issue.
So my first impressions of someone who is walking around in public with PJ's on is that they are lazy, unmotivated, and unprepared for wherever they might be going. They might even just be going to the dining hall for some food but chances are they will drop their food on the ground or get a dirty look from myself if I see them in that dining hall. Just think about your poor professor who has been working on a lesson plan for the past two weeks, they work hard, and do they want to see students coming into class with pajamas on, no they don't. They perceive that as almost disrespect, you don't care about a class enough to get up 20 minutes early and put on some respectable clothes, despicable.
I can not stress enough how important it is to make yourself look presentable in any situation. Even if you just clean up and put on a casual pair of shorts and a graphic t shirt, it makes a difference.
I am a degenerate when it comes to certain aspects of life, I sometimes sleep in too late, I sometimes wear sneakers with socks and the colors don't match, I am not perfect, but part of becoming a man is learning that pajamas are not acceptable in society.
It is not just men who are the culprits of this heinous societal crime. Women are also on the hot seat for doing this. Wearing plaid pants out in public in general should be a finable offense, but when you decide that wearing the pants you go to bed in should be the same ones you go to class in is a good idea, I will tell you that it is absolutely not. I do not care if you just got off a night of partying or you go stoned to the bone before, take a shower and make yourself presentable.

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