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My life through pictures


My mother coming to visit me at work a few weeks ago. Pouring her a coconut margarita. 


From left to right, my aunt Siobaun, Uncle Casey, sister Macey, my Dad, my Mom, my Grandpa, and my Nana. On the bottom from left to right, my cousin Dominic, my brother Charlie, my cousin Luke, and myself. My dog Penny in the middle. 


My Dad and Mark on the left and Mr. Safer, myself, and Noah on the right. Eating a large pepperoni  pizza at the legendary Modern Apizza in New Haven.


Some of my best friends at high school graduation. From left to right, Noah, Steve, Matty O, (me), and Lucas.


My best bud, Asa and I looking dapper as always.

My girls, Berkeley and Chloe in Martha's Vineyard, best friends since childhood.


My good friend Grace Weso and I last saturday night (2/9/22). Always cherish our time together. 

My younger sister, Macey and I at her confirmation.

IMG_9539 (1).jpeg

Me with my father and my younger brother at Sandy Neck beach.


From left to right, Ryan M (roomate), myself, Asa, and Cole. Some of my best pals.


My Uncle Mike and I in a winery in Croatia. 

My Auntie Sissa and I in a restaurant in Croatia a few weeks ago. 


From left to right, Alex C, me, Cole V, Noah S, and Asa F 

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